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Anwatin Community Awareness Festival & Talent Show

Anwatin Beacon Talent Show 2014

The Anwatin Middle School Community Awareness Festival and Talent Show last night was a sweet success! The entire school was bustling with families, baked goods, tables of community based clubs and a large gallery of decorated research reports. The event showcased the many talents young people possess ranging from playing the Moonlight Sonata on the piano, opera singing from a sixth grader and a hip-hop dance. The night ended with a live band performance by the faculty and participants, but what made the night most successful was the energy of the Anwatin families and community!

“Big Bad Musical” at Sheridan Beacon

After months of practice, the group of 3-5th grade Beacon participants took the stage to perform “Big Bad Musical” at Sheridan Beacon on Thursday, March 20th.  The Beacon partnered with the amazing Mr. Hertz who led practice four days per week.  The young people learned their lines, movement on the stage, and musical numbers.

The public performance was lively and exciting, with lots of fun music and dancing.  Over 200 young people, family, and community members attended the show!